The Fracking Song

One for Year 12 geographers studying the Energy Issue:


Europe rejects ban on Arctic oil drilling

The Guardian: The European parliament’s industry committee has rejected attempts to introduce a moratorium on offshore oil and gas drilling in the Arctic, overruling a contrary vote by its environment committee last month.
The key vote in the industry committee yesterday (9 October) instead proposed a new directive to ensure that companies have “adequate financial security” to cover the liabilities that could be incurred by any accidents.
Drilling companies would also have to submit to national authorities a safety hazard and emergency response report at least 24 weeks before the planned start of operations.

Energy solution – turning air into liquid

BBC NEWS – Turning air into liquid may offer a solution to one of the great challenges in engineering – how to store energy.
The Institution of Mechanical Engineers says liquid air can compete with batteries and hydrogen to store excess energy generated from renewables.
IMechE says “wrong-time” electricity generated by wind farms at night can be used to chill air to a cryogenic state at a distant location.
When demand increases, the air can be warmed to drive a turbine.
Engineers say the process to produce “right-time” electricity can achieve an efficiency of up to 70%.

Brazil: Jardim Gramacho, Rio’s wasteland

France 24 – Jardim Gramacho, on the edge of Rio de Janeiro, is the largest landfill in Latin America. With the UN Summit on Sustainable Development coming to town, it’s finally shutting down after 30 years.

That means the end of an era for thousands of “catadores” who make their living sorting through the trash – they’ll have to move on. But its closure heralds the dawn of a new age in Rio: separating garbage and recycling it.

Watch this video for more: