Providing structure – extended writing

In light of the changes to the A Level Geography exams and introduction of the Geography Independent Investigation at A Level, I have collected together a few materials which may help students to:

  1. structure essay questions in the exam
  2. create a structured write up to their fieldwork and investigation


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Access the documents here:

GCE Geography – Transitional and linking words poster

GCE Geography – Command word definitions sheet

Answer the question – posters





A Level Geography Residential 2011

On 13th – 15th July 2011, the AS Geographers took part in a Residential field trip to the south coast – staying in Lyme Regis

The field trip enabled the students to develop the fieldwork skills that will be essential for the Geographical Skills unit at A2.

Students conducted fieldwork at Chesil beach, in the River Lym and at other locations along the Devon and Dorset coast.

We were very lucky with the weather, so now have a lot of primary data to use in forthcoming lessons.