GCSE and A-Level Geography exam revision

Now is a good time for you to familiarise yourself with the comprehensive revision materials that have been prepared especially for Abbeyfield students following the WJEC B GCSE Geography course and the OCR A-Level Geography course. These have been written to help you achieve your target grade in GCSE Geography, AS Geography or A2 Geography

You can access the materials by clicking on the relevant tabs at the top of the page or via the following links where you will find everything you need to help you revise for your Geography exams.

I would advise that you use the pages now and adopt a ‘little and often’ approach to revision and not leave it all to the last minute. To optimise all opportunities for revision, the pages are also smartphone friendly

In addition, if you would like to buy a revision guide, you can buy one specifically for the course or a generic one. If you do buy a generic one, bring it in and I will highlight the elements that relate to our course.

Links to appropriate revision guides on Amazon are also on the page links above.


A2 Geographical Skills exam – 14 June 2013

Have lifted the Geographical Skills revision section out of the main revision page an placed here for easy access. Take a look in preparation for the exam on Friday 14th June

Revision techniques

I have created this short presentation to give you some ideas of how you can revise now that we are getting close to the summer exams. Have a look and give them a go!

The links listed within the presentation can be viewed at the bottom of the post

Revision techniques student version 2013 from D Drake

Resources mentioned in presentation:
How to make a mind map
Mind mapping video tutorial:
Video the learning – RSA animate style: