Year 13 Geography Residential 2012

Pixies Holt 2012
Day One
So we all met at Exeter Services on Monday 5thNovember. The first joint Abbeyfield School and Matravers School Year 13 residential geography fieldtrip to Dartmoor and South Devon.
After a quick pit-stop we travelled to Haytor on a beautiful autumnal morning. 

A short hike up to the top of the tor revealed a panoramic view of the south Devon coast. After some tourism assessments and microclimate surveys, we made our way to our base for the week – Pixies Holt, where the east and west Dart river meet, at a small village hamlet called Dartmeet.
As always the food served for dinner at the residential centre was great, and after we had fed and watered, the students started to plan their coastal investigations for the following day at Elberry Cove in Paignton. Some evening entertainment followed, but bu 10.30 pm everyone was so tired that the centre went quiet as everyone disappeared to bed.
Day Two
The breakfast bell sounded at 8am and everyone emerged bleary eyed for a cooked breakfast – scrambled eggs, sausages and beans. After a quick briefing, we loaded up the minibus and headed for the coast on a crisp morning, under crystal blue skies. Elberry Cove was the perfect location for the beach study and the students quickly organised themselves and started their bespoke investigations. 
After a few hours and lunch on the beach, we headed back onto the moor.
In the afternoon, the students were set a challenge – to traverse the river, with out getting wet, using some basic climbing equipment. After a short hike to the crossing point and some instruction, the students were left to their own devices. Immediately three leaders emerged within the group. Darren and Cam took charge and sorted the ropes to get us across the river while Kate problem solved. After an hour we were ready to test it…. Anastasia stepped up as guinea pig and….. success! 

Everyone made it safely across the river without getting wet – although a few eye drums were shattered by the dulcet tones of Miss Ericsson from Matravers as she screamed her way across! In total contrast, Jake sped across like a pro, with not a hair ruffled. As night fell, we made our way back to the centre and dinner was served.
The evening was spent writing up the days investigations and then it was time for the quiz! After four rounds the winners and losers emerged and the forfeit was announced. The losers had to wait on the winning team for the whole of the following day… “Tea on the veranda please Jeeves”!
Day Three

After another good breakfast, the next investigation was introduced. The morning was to be spent on Cherry Brook, near Postbridge. The groups used secondary data to plan their individual investigations and we set off onto the moor.

Although well prepared, some got a little bit wetter than planned! The second destination was Postbridge at the heart of the National Park

Team Geography 2012

For some, the draw of a traditional Devon Cream Tea was too much to resist!

Day Four

After another good breakfast, we packed the van and set off for Totnes for the last leg of our trip. Hypothesis constructed and investigation sheets and questionnaires created – we set to work.

After collecting the data we all met up for the final time and said our goodbyes.

I think I can safely say that the first joint Abbeyfield and Matravers Geography A-Level residential was a success.

New friends made and lots of work done. Watch the video here:


Year 9 Fieldtrip – Avebury

On Monday 22nd October, a large number of Year 9 students will be taking part in a geography fieldtrip to Avebury to investigate the impact of tourism on the site.

Key information:

  • We will meet in the canteen at the beginning of Period 1.
  • Tutorial should be attended as normal – students must not leave tutorial early
  • Uniform is not required – sensible footwear and waterproof coat is
  • Packed lunch needed
  • Pens and pencils required – lots of work to do on the trip
  • We aim to return by 3 pm

Please keep an eye on the weather forecast and be prepared for the expected conditions

Geography trips next week

Next week, Year 8 and Year 10 Geography students will be conducting fieldwork.

Year 10 – Bristol and Chippenham

On Monday 25th June, students will be visiting Bristol and Chippenham in order to collect data so that they can complete their first Controlled Assessment task, worth 15% of their final GCSE grade.

We will be leaving school for Bristol after registration. Meeting in H2 initially. We will return at lunchtime and then conduct the second phase of the fieldwork in Chippenham in the afternoon.

Students will go home at 3pm as normal.

Students should take into account the weather forecast and come prepared to be outside all day. They will also need the usual equipment – pen, pencil etc. Students are not required to wear uniform. A camera is also useful (mobile phones can also be used for this purpose).

Year 8 – Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door

On Tuesday 26th June, all those students who have already handed in consent forms will be visiting Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door on the Dorset coast, in order to conduct fieldwork.

We will be leaving for the coast after registration – meeting in H2 initially. Students will arrive back at school at approximately 4.30 pm.

Students should take into account the weather forecast and come prepared to be outside all day. They will also need the usual equipment – pen, pencil etc. A camera is also useful (mobile phones can also be used for this purpose). Sturdy footwear is essential, plus plenty of fluid. Students are not required to wear uniform.