GCSE Geography: Controlled Assessment – Route B (Urban comparison and Hills Recycling)

Comparing quality of life in Bristol and Chippenham

Hills Recycling Expansion plans


GCSE Geography: Controlled Assessment – Route A (Avebury and Lyneham)

Controlled Assessment – RAF Lyneham redevelopment

Controlled Assessment – Avebury

    Year 10 trip to Avebury

    Year 10 GCSE Geography students have the opportunity to take part in a field trip to Avebury on Monday 10th June 2011

    The trip is being run in order for students to collect information so they can complete their GCSE Controlled Assessment which makes up 15% of the final GCSE Geography exam grade. Consent forms and payment must be received by Friday 27th May 2011.

    The letter has been given out. However, if this has been lost, another copy can be downloaded and printed from the ‘Letters and Information’ section of the left hand column of the school website here

    The video made during a previous trip can be viewed below: