Surviving in the slums

BBC Three series in which a group of young people are put through their paces as they embark on a crash course in urban survival in some of the world’s biggest slums.


Episode 1 – Lagos

In Lagos, Nigeria, three British mechanics are guided and challenged for ten days by extraordinary slum dwellers who use dedication, passion and guts to succeed. Being the best here is tough; the environment is brutal and the work relentless. It’s an explosive combination of frustration and success for our three mechanics, but do they have what it takes to call themselves Slum Survivors?


Episode 2 – Jakarta

Three trainee chefs swap their clean UK kitchens for rat-infested street food stalls in Indonesia’s toughest slums. For ten days they live and work with locals who started with nothing, but through hard work and dedication have become successful street cooks in Jakarta. They need to keep a lid on their tempers and show passion and flair if they are to impress the slum’s most demanding customers. But will the punishing hours, menial work and weird local dishes stand in their way of learning the skills to turn their lives around back home?


Episode 3 – Mumbai

Three plumbers get down and dirty in some of India’s most notorious slums where they learn to plumb the local way in the open sewers of Mumbai. It’s back to basics for this enthusiastic trio who don’t know themeaning of hard work and soon realise that being a slum plumber is much tougher than it looks. But can they return home with newfound skills and the confidence to call themselves Slum Survivors?

Year 10 Geography Homework – Favelas in Brazil

If you are in my (Mr Drake’s) Year 10 GCSE Geography class, you have been looking at the issues that face people living in Rio and Sao Pauloin Brazil. 
Your task next, is to watch the video clips below and create a Factfile (one side of A4 – using text and images) outlining the following:
  • The main push and pull factors that lead to people living the countryside and head for the cities of Rio and Sao Paulo
  • An annotated image showing what the housing in the favelas like Rochinho in Rio is like
  • A description and explanation of the living conditions in the squatter settlements
  • Measures that have been taken by people individually and by decision makers as a whole, in order to improve the quality of life for the residents


Tourism booming in Favelas

Until recently, Favelas in Rio (Brazil) have been rife with drugs and crime related violence. However, things seem to be changing in some areas as the shanty towns are becoming part of the tourist trail in Brazil. This follows a concerted effort by lawmakers to stamp out criminal activity in the illegal settlements.

The first peace-keeping police unit arrived in 2008. As a result, local business owners have seen an upturn in trade, as more and more locals and tourists use the bars and restaurants. However, this has led to a new challenge for the local business owners as new fast-food outlets are now being attracted to the area to take advantage of this change.

Watch the full BBC News report here