Hitler’s first draft of the Holocaust

A document has been acquired in Los Angeles which is understood to be the only existing written statement by Adolf Hitler in which he set out his belief in a systematic removal of Jews from society.
The four-page letter, typed on brown paper with Hitler’s signature, was shown in public for the first time in New York. It will go on display at the centre’s Tolerance Museum in Los Angeles.
Read the full article and extracts from the letter on the Guardian website here

GCSE History Revision notes

Follow the links below to access revision notes, written by Mr Dix to help you revise for the GCSE History exam this year.

The units are listed below. Click on the appropriate link to access the notes

A5 A Divided Union? The USA: 1941 – 1980

A9 Superpower Relations: 1945 – 1990

B4 Nazi Germany: 1930 – 1939

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Cash Crisis threat to Auschwitz

The former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, where more than a million people were killed in World War II, faces an uncertain future.

Pawel Sawicki of the Auschwitz Museum explains the problems of preserving the ageing and crumbling 191-hectare site, with limited funds.

Two experts on Auschwitz argue for and against the idea that the former Nazi death camp should be allowed to crumble away.

Historian Robert Jan Van Pelt says that once the last survivor has died it should be left for nature to reclaim, and eventually forgotten.
But former Polish Foreign Minister Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, once an inmate, says Auschwitz must be preserved to bear witness to the fate of its victims.