GCSE RS Revision videos – available now!

You can now visit Mrs Haig’s You Tube channel for lots of RS revision videos.

Just click on the link and select appropriate videos to help you revise from the GCSE RS Revision playlist on the right hand side of the screen.

Good luck!


Year 10 GCSE Religious Studies – The media bit!

The new GCSE course requires students to be aware of religion in the media – television, the news and films so here are some ideas of things you could watch:

Section One – Believing in God

• Songs of Praise

• BBC Radio 4 – Sunday worship (8.10am)

• Richard Dawkins – The Root of all evil

• Some episodes of The Simpsons

• Following media stories on Humanities blog and philosophy blog

• Bruce Almighty

Section Two – Matters of Life and Death

• News stories and articles on the blogs

• A short stay in Switzerland

• Million Dollar Baby

Section Three – Marriage and the family

• Eastenders, Hollyoaks and other soaps

• Four Weddings and a funeral

• News stories particularly regarding same sex “marriages”

Section Four – Community Cohesion

• News stories particularly regarding immigration, racial tension and asylum seekers

• Channel Four documentary – Bradford riots

• East is East

• Bend it like Beckham

• Anita and Me

Watch out for news about lunchtime showings of some of the films mentioned here – starting with Million Dollar Baby in the first week of term five!

From Mrs Haig