VIDEO – Irene continues to cause problems in US

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Hurricane Irene heads towards New York

New York‘s mayor has issued the city’s first-ever mandatory evacuation notices, as the US faces up to the arrival of Hurricane Irene.
Low-lying areas around Manhattan and into Staten Island are at particular risk, according to projections issued by city authorities.
The city’s transport systems, including the subways and airports, are to shut from 12:00 on Saturday (16:00 GMT).
Irene, a category one storm, is due to hit a swathe of east coast states.

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Hurricane Irene hits Caribbean

Hurricane Irene is now heading for the east coast of the USA after turning into a category 3 storm. Already Irene has caused widespread damage to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Power supplies were knocked out and up to 100,000 people lost access to their water supply.

Florida is now on alert as the first hurricane of the Atlantic season heads north. In addition, if the hurricane does make the Florida coastline, there is likely to be a significant storm surge which would create additional problems. However, some predictions suggest that the hurricane may actually head off eastwards and miss the US coast completely

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