Risking it all in Amazonia – River traders

There is an industry at work in Amazonia, where children risk their lives for small amounts of money

Along the river, boats pass close to the shore. This is where children operate small canoes selling sweets and jams.

The river traders of Brazil follows Jesse, but his is a story that ends in tragedy. The youngster turns to piracy and is shot dead by the captain of a river barge during an attempted robbery.

But, as the film shows, life and trade on the river goes on. And for the children of this area, there is little alternative.

Watch it here:


Frog joins royal chorus call to save rainforests

The Dalai Lama, princes William and Harry, Harrison Ford and, er, a frog joined Prince Charles last night in a film to highlight his environmental crusade.

The 90-second video for the Prince’s Rainforests Project, which also features Pele and Daniel Craig, was shown on websites including MySpace and YouTube.

William and Harry told viewers they want to save the environment ‘for all of us’ – but the animated amphibian stole the scene by belching loudly.