Brazil: Jardim Gramacho, Rio’s wasteland

France 24 – Jardim Gramacho, on the edge of Rio de Janeiro, is the largest landfill in Latin America. With the UN Summit on Sustainable Development coming to town, it’s finally shutting down after 30 years.

That means the end of an era for thousands of “catadores” who make their living sorting through the trash – they’ll have to move on. But its closure heralds the dawn of a new age in Rio: separating garbage and recycling it.

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Landfill site becomes solar powerhouse

Based on report from the CNN website:

Hickory Ridge landfill was once a mountain of landfill waste – a scar on the landscape on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia.

But now, the former landfill site has been covered with 10 acres of solar panels, to provide green renewable energy

In addition to the solar panels, gas pumps have been driven deep into the ground to collect methane gas, from the mountain of waste as it decomposes, in order to provide another source of energy.

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