Holiday Hijack – The Gambia

In the first show of the series the luxury tourists include PR events manager Louise and her best friend Natalie – both of whom love to splash their cash at five-star resorts.
Two fellow big spenders are their friends 20-year-old graduate Dan and 23-year-old actress Alex.
The group are hijacked by Bella and Omar, who want to show them the real Gambia. The group spends the next week living in basic accommodation and are put to work in the local tourism industry.
After much screaming and crying over spiders, dead fish and their modest living conditions, they realise what they have been missing by never leaving their luxury resorts.
But will it be enough to change their holiday habits for good? Or will the lure of luxury prove too much to resist?

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Tourists add to ‘trash island’ in the Maldives

In an attempt to manage mountains of waste on the Maldives, authorities have decided to dump all the rubbish on one island. It stretches 7km long on an island that was once an unspoilt natural environment.

Much of the rubbish comes from hotels on the islands. For every tourists that visits the Maldives, he or she produces around 7.2kg of rubbish a day. It is alleged that tourists account for the majority of waste dumped on the island.