Reel Britain

There is a fascinating series, that has recently started on BBC Two.  Presented by Melvyn Bragg, it explores the social history of Britain in the 2oth century.

There are some amazing stories about how people lived and worked in the past, along with some great rare film archive.

So far the series has looked at life for wartime evacuees and the life of teenagers at the end of the Second World War.

This evening the programme looked at life during WW1

If you have missed the ones that have been on so far, you can view them via the links above or via the  Reel Britain website here. The series continues weeknights at 6.30 pm on BBC Two.

Well worth a look!

Hitler’s first draft of the Holocaust

A document has been acquired in Los Angeles which is understood to be the only existing written statement by Adolf Hitler in which he set out his belief in a systematic removal of Jews from society.
The four-page letter, typed on brown paper with Hitler’s signature, was shown in public for the first time in New York. It will go on display at the centre’s Tolerance Museum in Los Angeles.
Read the full article and extracts from the letter on the Guardian website here

Year 9 History – Holocaust reflection models

Over the past few weeks, Year 9 have been studying “What can we learn from Genocide?” in Humanities lessons

We have focused on the Holocaust in particular and what attempts were put into place to try and make sure this never happened again. 

Our last lesson on the Holocaust was a reflection lesson where the pupils were asked to design their own memorial to express their feelings about the Holocaust. They could have chosen a poem, an illustration or a model. 

Most of my class wanted to express themselves through making a memorial out of coloured clay and here are some examples of their work.

Mrs Wetton