Year 9 Fieldtrip – Avebury

On Monday 22nd October, a large number of Year 9 students will be taking part in a geography fieldtrip to Avebury to investigate the impact of tourism on the site.

Key information:

  • We will meet in the canteen at the beginning of Period 1.
  • Tutorial should be attended as normal – students must not leave tutorial early
  • Uniform is not required – sensible footwear and waterproof coat is
  • Packed lunch needed
  • Pens and pencils required – lots of work to do on the trip
  • We aim to return by 3 pm

Please keep an eye on the weather forecast and be prepared for the expected conditions


Risk of significant snow this weekend

There are strong indications that we could experience some significant snowfall over the UK this weekend as warmer, moist air approaches from the Atlantic and bumps into the large area of high pressure currently sitting over the UK.

The Pressure forecast map for Saturday below shows the fight between two air masses:

From BBC Weather website

The massive area of high pressure sat over much of Europe is bringing significant snow to our continental neighbours as can be seen in this BBC News report

In the UK, the weather system is drawing cold air down from the Arctic , whilst in the Atlantic, an area of low pressure will bring warmer and wet conditions from the west. The point at which they bump into each other – expected to be over the Midlands and eastern side of the UK this weekend – could see significant snowfall.
This is well explained in a video on the BBC Weather website here
At this stage forecasters cannot be totally certain where the snow will fall. However, there is a possibility that this will occur and may affect us in Wiltshire – so be prepared.

If there is snow this weekend and into Monday – any official announcement about our school being closed will be posted on the Heart website snow pages or announced on Heart FM – so stay tuned.

Be in a major BBC TV show!

Britain in a Day is a unique portrait of twenty-four hours in the life of the UK, filmed by you.
On Saturday 12 November 2011 pick up a camera and record your thoughts, hopes and aspirations, then upload your film to the Britain in a Day channel on YouTube.
You’ll be helping to create an amazing archive and your film could be included in an historic BBC documentary in 2012.

Get started at the Britain in a Day channel.