Providing structure – extended writing

In light of the changes to the A Level Geography exams and introduction of the Geography Independent Investigation at A Level, I have collected together a few materials which may help students to:

  1. structure essay questions in the exam
  2. create a structured write up to their fieldwork and investigation


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Access the documents here:

GCE Geography – Transitional and linking words poster

GCE Geography – Command word definitions sheet

Answer the question – posters





2015 Prosperity index

Interesting interactive map and data released showing how the UK compares with other countries around the world. The overall rank takes into account the following factors:

  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship and opportunity
  • Governance
  • Health
  • Economy
  • Safety and security
  • Personal freedom
  • Social capital


The UK is ranked in 15th place.


Other notable scores include:

  • Norway = 1st
  • USA = 11th
  • Germany = 14th
  • France = 22nd
  • Russia = 58th
  • Central African Republic = 142nd

View the interactive map here


You can also download the data as an Excel spreadsheet

Source: Legatum Prosperity Index

Successes and failures of urban regeneration

Stratford in London

Urban regeneration schemes are not always successful. Often though it is not as clear-cut as success or failure. One scheme may be deemed a huge success by some but a failure by others.

Stratford in London is a case in point. As a result of the Olympic Games being held in the East of London in 2012, huge investment was made in the area. Although major benefits have resulted, have those benefits been shared by all?

Below is a collection of resources to help students consider the extent of success relating to the regeneration of Stratford as part of the London 2012 games

VIDEO – Urban Regeneration – The 2012 London Olympics

Views on the regeneration two years on

More views on the regeneration of the area

London’s Olympic legacy three years on: is the city really getting what it needed?

London’s Olympics legacy faces early disqualification

Shops boarded, buildings gutted and streets in a mess: The sorry side of Stratford that Olympic chiefs don’t want you to see

East end regeneration: Factsheet

The impact of regeneration on the Carpenters estate

GEOCASES – Urban Regeneration: The London Olympics 2012

Olympics legacy: Did the Games succeed in rejuvenating East London? 

The Olympics and Urban regeneration in the East End of London – all good? 

‘Stratford: The Vital Statistics’ is a report produced by the Stratford Renaissance Partnership (SRP). It illustrates how the area has changed as a result of the investments made in the area. An overview can by viewed here on the ‘Stratford Rising’ website

VIDEO – Locals say Olympics redevelopments have done little to improve neighbourhood

VIDEO – Building the Olympic dream? Not everyone is convinced

In this Guardian article from August 2016 it is claimed that ‘London Olympics has brought regeneration, but at a price locals can’t afford’

Source – The Guardian

Preparing to teach the new A Level

To help support teachers in the planning and teaching of the new AS and A Level Geography Specifications from September 2016, I have been collecting resources which may be useful.



The resources have been categorised according to the new WJEC and Eduqas Specifications in England and Wales. However, as there is now so much common content, the resources will likely be of use to those teaching Specifications from other awarding bodies.

The links are not a definitive list or endorsed by WJEC, but provide a stimulus for lesson planning and preparing revision materials.

This is a live document. Links on the individual pages are regularly updated.

Access the Resources Index here