Your snow pics

Have you been out and about in the snow since we broke up from school?

If so, send me your pics – I want to create a big collage at school in the new year.

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Snow continues to cause disruption

Snow is falling again today. This is the view in Trowbridge at 12:00 today. The roads have become treacherous and motorists are again being advised to only travel if it is totally necessary.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people are stuck at Heathrow airport as flights have been cancelled as many people face up to the fact that they may not be able to get away this christmas.

Southern England and south Wales have been most heavily hit, with 5-10cm of snow falling today. 

The Wales Ambulance Service has warned of potential “long delays” in responding to 999 calls.

There were also warnings of more heavy snow for much of Scotland and north-east England, with up to 10cm of snow expected in northern Scotland.

The lowest UK temperature overnight, recorded in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, was thought to be -19.6C. Northern Ireland had another bitterly cold night, with -18C recorded at Castlederg in County Tyrone
For full details visit the BBC News pages on the snow here

Temperature dropping!

Just got home from evening out. My car was showing -11.5c! This is remarkably cold weather – all because of cold air sinking south from the arctic. Forecasters predicting snow again tomorrow as area of low pressure carrying rain, moves west and hits the cold air currently over us. Here we go again!

The Big Freeze continues

The snow over the weekend continues to cause problems. Temperatures struggled to get above -5C (23F) overnight with lows of -19C (-2F) in parts of Worcestershire and Shropshire.

Meanwhile in Wiltshire, temperatures fell to -8C in Trowbridge and -10C in Westbury overnight Saturday.

Rail travel and flights have been heavily disrupted, whilst many side roads remain hazardous.
For more details about the impacts around the country click here

Many people are wondering why it is so cold. Click here for an explanation from a BBC weather forecaster – it’s all about the jet stream!